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I haven’t officially introduced our precious baby girl on my site. I didn’t blog during her infancy b/c I didn’t want to miss one ounce of her newborn sweetness! {not to mention I was homeschooling 3 boys} – but now that summer is here, I can return to blogging. What better way to begin than introducing our Betty May Maria Mallory…

My Precious Baby Girl from Joe Mallory on Vimeo.

This video was a gift from my amazing husband. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter gift. Thank you, Joe!

Patriotic Mini Session

I had the best time this summer with these patriotic sessions! I photographed these 3 cuties the day before Independence Day. It really got us in the mood to celebrate our country’s birthday!

Patriotic Mini Session

I had the joy of photographing my favorite family! They are a blessing in our lives and we are so thankful to have such a wonderful friendship! I was at the hospital for each of these girls when they were born. They are growing up way too quickly! They sure are sweet and adorable! They were the perfect candidates for a fun patriotic session!



Tour of our Eclectic – Gender Neutral Nursery


 Thank you for going on this tour of Baby B’s nursery! We haven’t revealed the names of Mallory Baby # 4 simply because we do not know if this peanut is a boy or a girl. Right now the “B” stands for “Big Tease.” I just KNEW I would go into labor this week-end and I never dreamed I would have time to get little one’s nursery blogged. But here we are – playing the waiting game. I am not technically due until 2 days after Thanksgiving, but I just I had a feeling labor was coming this past week-end. Well, I’ve been wrong before and I’m sure to be wrong again. That is why I don’t even attempt to make a prediction on the gender. The # 1 question during this pregnancy has been… “What is your feeling?” I mean a mother is just supposed to know, right? To be honest… some days it does feel like I am having a girl and other days I feel like it is a boy. I am totally okay with waiting until the birth to find out. I don’t think I am abnormal for not knowing – I think I just like surprises more than the average person!

So not knowing the sex of our baby led us to choosing a gender neutral color scheme for the nursery. It started with my 1st Etsy purchase – the quilt on the bed. Set Carre is the name of the shop and the owner, Camille was amazing to work with! She created me a custom bunting banner to go above the crib. These 2 pieces were my jumping off point for everything else in the room. Once the primary color scheme was decided – the fun began!

One of my FAVORITE things about this nursery is that friends from around the world (literally) helped me filled the room with vintage/eclectic goodness! My friends and family from home spoiled me with odds and ends. My team members from Designer Digitals also sent goodies. Checking the mail during this pregnancy was very exciting. This baby is already completely wrapped in love from friends far and near. Baby B will have the most Aunties ever!!!

Another favorite part of this room is the hard work that went in from daddy and brothers. The whole family chipped in with the painting and the D.I.Y. projects. That means the world to me! I could never pull off a project without the help of my guys! Wonderful memories were made while working on this nursery!

The room is very small so it was quite difficult to photograph. My sweet husband built an entire wall of shelves. I couldn’t get a full photo of that wall, but I certainly had fun filling them with goodies!

There is a long story behind the baby bed. My mama offered to purchase us a crib in honor of my dad who we lost in January 2013. Tommy loved his grand kids dearly! I wanted a white bed. We shopped and shopped and were not having any luck. We finally found a white bed in the box at Sears. When we began to put it together we discovered that the bed was dark cherry even though the bed said white. I almost just decided to use the dark wood, but Mama and Joe talked me into not settling. We were able to return it and now I love the white baby bed even more!!

The last photo in this series is very special. The rocking chair belonged to Nanny. We lost her in May of this year. I know it is hard for any family to lose a loved one, but our world has absolutely been turned upside down without her. She was my right hand man {lady} – It has been most difficult without her. We miss her very much. She is in heaven with the 3 babies lost to miscarriage that were already there waiting on her. I was going to paint the rocking chair, but in the end I left it “as is.”

I could go on and on about the fun we had in this room, but I will leave you with some links to some of my favorite details in the room…

I just can’t wait to bring Baby B home and show the room to her/him.

I love the stuffed fox from Etsy Shop Joyful River.

I could not resist the plush deer head. I had to have it!!! It also came from Etsy. The shop is called Pockets with Posies.

I knew the flash cards from Pretty Little Studio would also be perfect for our theme!

Most of the art in the room was made with designs from my dear friend, Katie Pertiet . She is so talented and I was thrilled to use her digital art in our nursery. Her work really helped with the vintage/eclectic feel that I was going for! I included the scrapbook page above so you could see it in more detail. It is the print in the gold frame above the bed. This is the only photo of Baby B in the room right now, but you know that will change! Being an avid scrapbooker – I just had to have some scrap art included in the room. The “My Dear” print is another example of using Katie’s digital products! I love how it turned out!  Elephants have always been my favorite animal, but I have really fallen in love with deer in the past few years.  I do have elephants represented in the room though. Pillows, Changing pad cover, and one of my scrapbooking heroes, Kayleigh Wiles, made me the most adorable blanket!

I want to thank you for taking this tour of baby B’s nursery!  I’d love to hear any feed back about what you like!!! Thanks to all the loved ones who had a part in helping me create this special place! {Now, come on Baby B}




Kathy Blake - Oh Amy, this nursery is amazing. My mouth is still open! I just love that you guys created it and pieced it together. You have an eye for this stuff. So impressive and FULL of love.

Stephanie Garcia - Your nursery turned out so, so cute! I love how you pulled all the different elements together. And I’m so glad that one of my deer heads has found it’s home in this room. :)

Pam - I LOVE how you have done this Amy….it is simply glorious and I can’t wait to hear the news of Baby B’s arrival!!

Marnie Morgan - SO creative! Delightful nursery, Amy! So excited for you!

Dana - So I innocently opened up my email and saw this and thought, “I’m going to go check out the nursery and start my day with a little bit of fun.” But here is the progression of my feelings as I was looking and reading:
1. Lydia should have to spend 1 night in here with all the deer around her.
2. Reading the part about the bed a lump develops in my throat.
3. Reading the part about Ellie the tears started falling.
4. Reading the part about Ellie and the babies in heaven and I was sobbing.
The nursery is beautiful. I am envious. Are you going to start offering your design services now?