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This Happy Camper is 7 | Children’s Photography

Camp is seven!!!  Seven!!!  That number sounds so huge right now.  I could handle 5 and 6 for my baby boy, but seven is a toughy. Seven is no longer a little kid, but a big kid!!  I have always been impacted by seven.  Perhaps b/c it was a huge year for my childhood.  I was seven when my parents divorced. My mama, sisters and I moved and started a new life.  I was old enough to remember all the details. We did start a new life – a beautiful, precious time together. I simply cannot believe that my baby boy is seven when it literally seems like we just brought him home from the hospital.  His spunk and  charm keep me smiling every minute!  He has always been the perfect child to photograph. He is so photogenic and so cooperative, but this photo session was ALL him.  I just let him run free while I took photographs with very little prompting. He is such an awesome kid. …I found the perfect tee from Etsy Shop – True North Clothing Company. Could there be a more perfect shirt for Camp? I’ve always called him my happy camper!  Throw in some aviator glasses from the Dollar Tree and a big red balloon…. and all I can say when I see these photos of Camp is …”like a boss”   — Happy Birthday to my darling boy who I love, cherish & adore

happy camper 1happy camper blog vol 1 finalDSC_5115happy camper blog vol 2DSC_5211happy camper blog vol 3 finslDSC_5240invitation web blog

Olivia + Bryan | 5-15-15

Thank you, Olivia & Bryan, for trusting me with your wedding day images!  What a gorgeous wedding for a gorgeous couple! I hope the images remind you of your unconditional love every time you look at them!

DSC_3574DSC_3553DSC_3570IMG_0030-2DSC_3593DSC_3623DSC_3609DSC_3639DSC_3645DSC_3644getting reasyDSC_3806DSC_3816


DSC_3831DSC_3726getting reasy 2IMG_0147IMG_0089IMG_0085getting reasy 3DSC_3924DSC_3866DSC_3869DSC_3870DSC_3888DSC_3892DSC_3899IMG_0152DSC_3911DSC_3917DSC_3921


My Morning View! | Lifestyle Photography

Starting a new series on my blog … {What __________ looks like} – The first entry is …What My Morning View Looks Like

What a wonderful way to document our lives and to practice, practice, practice, with my Nikon girl.:)

This adorable bed head is my morning view!  Betty May has co slept with us from day one and even though she has a big girl bed now, she still ends up in our bed by morning. She has some crazy hair in the mornings, which I love.  She is so sweet right now I could literally bust.  After her molars came in she has been nothing put pure joy on a stick! Saying I’m in love with this child is an understatement. It really is like having your own heart walking around on the outside of your body.  This is what my morning view looks like….

DSC_4524-2 logoDSC_4522logoDSC_4521 logoDSC_4526logoDSC_4510logoDSC_4500logo

Amy Mallory Photography | Seniors {Now Booking}

My niche in photography is with Seniors! I find that I get most excited over my Senior sessions.  This is what I want my potential clients to know…. “My goal is to capture your natural beauty and spirit at this unique transition of life, with my style of timeless portraiture. I want you to treasure these photographs always, and remember who you were at the beginning of your journey as a young adult. I want to show you how uniquely beautiful you really are”.

Contact me for details and pricing …. Here are a few of my favorite Seniors.

DSC_68042015DSC_2574 sneakDSC_2594 sneakDSC_7471DSC_7517DSC_7574DSC_7646DSC_0505DSC_2477DSC_0848



Memory Keeping |Project Life | Scrapbooking 2015

2015 has been wonderful so far! New adventures came into my life. The change has been fantastic. Being a Memory Keeper is still very much who I am, but it is taking a fresh form this year. Here we are in the middle of March and I am still not absolutely certain of my memory keeping system for the year. I do know that I am enjoying the process even without a structured plan. Serving the Lord, Being a wife & mommy, and Homeschooling are my top priorities.  The Lord provided a wonderful opportunity for my family and I when I became an Ambassador for an amazing company called Plexus. It has been amazing!  This Health & Wellness company is getting me healthy and allowing the extra income that we so desperately need! *Confession – I always thought I wanted a career in the scrapbooking industry. It was on my mind daily, but I know the Lord had other plans for me. He provided a way for me to help others with their health.  It has been so rewarding and fulfilling.  Plexus is so generous. 50% of all profits go back to the ambassadors so you can imagine my utter shock when I received my pay check. I have been blessed to have so much interest in the products. (They really do work) I will do a separate post on my personal success story. With this success it has changed my memory keeping format. You want to know what is really cool? I can actually look back and see where God was closing one door for me so that another could be opened.  I had no idea it was happening a the time, but it is so clear now.  In September I stepped down from the CT position of my dreams. I had been with this team for many years, but I just felt that it was time for a change. (not having any clue that Plexus was about to take off for me) – The Lord was definitely putting me on a new path. I am so excited to see how my Plexus business grows. I am still a memory keeper, project lifer, and scrapbooker. I just can’t give it up. I will always need to have this outlet in my life. New opportunities have come my way. I became a Creative Team member for 2 fabulous teams.  These requirements for these 2 teams combined aren’t as much as the one team I stepped down from so I have definitely found the balance that works.  I create for Sahlin Studios and LOVE | DAY | SEED.  I am absolutely loving both of these teams!  For now I am creating a variety of projects. Pocket pages, digital pages, and hybrid pages. I am using a variety when it comes to size, but I decided to put everything in one album.  The different sizes in one book are totally okay with me.  It’s like flipping through a giant mini book. I decided it was time to get some of these project on my blog.  I am excited to represent my teams here on my blog. The beginning of my 2015 album includes these pages. You will see a variety along the way (and a lot of gaps) but I look forward to filing them in throughout the year.

PL 2015 title lily padGoals 2015shine lily padperfect webin the dryer webheart breaker in training webamy mallory love day seed blog 1

The pages above represent some of the amazing designs from Sahlin Studio – her products are available at The Lily Pad.This spread represents LOVE| DAY | SEED – these beautiful pocket cards can be found at lovedayseed.com