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Weekly Scrapbook Challenge – Society 52

you betty may web cropped

I found a really fun challenge on Instagram called Society52 – They give a prompt Monday and add a fun twist on Thursday. This is my 2nd time to participate and I wanted to share here on my site.  On Monday we were challenged to use a monochromatic color scheme.  I chose lavender. I haven’t used it very much in my scrapping so I wanted to see what I’d do with this color. I started with the patterned paper. I found a great pack in my stash from Maple Brook Studios called Caesilia. (available at Designer Digitals) I started pushing blocks of patterned paper around and then I added my frame and photo. The fun part came next with the embellishing, layering, stitching, painting, etc.  I totally got lost in this page which is what I love to do. After all, college football just began and that is my favorite time to scrapbook!!!!  I love hearing the noise in the background, the cheers, and yes, even the rants and the kicking from my guys.  I just scrap away during these games, but I secretly LOVE that I live with a house full of football fans!

The twist was to add a die cut. That was easy for me. If you read my last post, you know I am totally crushing on these new cutting files. I’ve even purchased a die-cutting machine so that I can use them on paper pages that I plan to make soon. I added these die cut flowers to my page and I was done! I love the result and I am loving the other pages that have been posted for this challenge too. #society52  Check them out on Instagram!

you betty may web

scrapbooker’s blog tour

I have really enjoyed reading about the process of my fellow scrapbookers through this scrappy blog tour that has been going on. I was thrilled to be tagged to join in on the fun. I was invited by the ever so talented Ashley Horton.  Her pages are so inspiring! Be sure to go back to her page  and read about her process. You will absolutely love her creations.  …and here is my response to the questions -

1.  What am I working on right now?

I’ve really got so many irons in the fire right now. Well actually I pretty much always have multiple projects going on. I am currently wrapping up mini sessions for Snap and Scrap Photography.  These sessions were a lot of fun and I loved shooting a variety of ages from pre-school to 11th graders.  The fun part for my clients is that they received a starter scrapbook kit. It is my hope to get as many people as possible “hooked” on this amazing hobby.  Each session will receive contents to start up a pocket style album.

back to school pin all logo web

I am also working on my layouts for Designer Digitals. It is hard to believe that I have been on the CT for over 3 years now. I continue to be inspired by the new products each week. I always look forward to starting up my next page!  An ongoing project that needs a little direction is my baby album. My precious Betty May is almost 9 months. I have been creating pages and documenting milestones, but I haven’t decided how I am going to merge this all together in one album.  I plan to really focus on this project in September.  I’ve also had a paper itch and have pulled out some traditional supplies.  I look forward to scrapbooking around the dining room table with my children.

2.  How long does it take to create a project?

The great thing about digi scrapbooking is that I am much faster at creating pages verses putting it together with physical products. I was always a slow paper scrapper. I do like to add lots of detail to my digi pages so it can take me about 2 hours to reach the final stage. Sometimes less depending on the design. I love getting lost in a page so I really don’t think about the time when I am scrapping.

3.  What are my favorite things to create with, at the moment?

The wonderful thing about being a CT at Designer Digitals is that we have designers who take our requests and create products that we suggest. I was really loving the cut files seen on paper pages. I have a huge crush on everything Ashley Horton creates in her Etsy shop, The Cut Shoppe. I really wanted to use cut files on my digital pages so I asked our designers and Katie Pertiet created some that I just love!!!  I can use these on my digital pages and I also have plans to use them on my paper pages.  I took advantage of a sale to get a Silhouette Portrait machine. I can’t wait to try it out.  I have a wish list for Ashley’s shop too.  :)  You can check out Katie’s cut files here.

cut file 1sunshine web

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
Like many, I usually begin with a photo. I am more of an emotional scrapbooker verses a story teller.  I do love the stories and I document as many as I can, but when I look at my photos, I just feel so much love for my family and that is what I want represented on my pages. I don’t get hung up on not having too much journaling. I sometimes wish I was a writer, but I have no doubt that my children will feel the love I have for them when they look back at their albums. I do let the photos guide me in choosing product.  There are times, however, when I am completely inspired by a new kit first and I will go hunting for a photo to complement it.
peek a boo web


5.  How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

I never have a problem with this one.  I have 4 amazing children and one incredible husband to scrap. (and every once in a while, a page about me) – They keep me inspired daily! The problem is – too many ideas and not enough time. I do confess that I spend too much time consuming and not enough time creating.  I love to browse blogs, galleries, and pinterest to see the latest trends and techniques on pages. I have put a limit on this browsing time and it has helped with my productivity. I am still thankful for these places on the web. It is a great thing to look at after a long day and you just need to unwind.

6.  What is my Signature Style?

I think we as scrapbook artists may have a difficult time putting a name to our style. I believe we all love to try new things so it’s hard to even imagine we have a specific style. The “go-to” thing for my pages are layers and lots of them.  I love to build layers with a variety of product. I refer to it as the Seven layer dip in scrapbooking.

The layers from the bottom up are:

  1. Background
  2. Brushes/Masks/Glows
  3. Mats
  4. Photos/Patterned Paper
  5. Frames
  6. Embellishments
  7. Fasteners/Anchors

1 today


And now it’s time for me to tag some more amazing fellow Scrapbookers! I am so inspired by each of these ladies. Their tours will be ready for viewing on Friday, Sept. 5


 Crystal Livesay - I know she cannot stop smiling right now. Congratulations to Crystal and family on the arrival of their adorable baby boy this week. I didn’t know if she would be able to participate in this blog tour, but she is totally awesome and agreed to join in.  Be sure to check out her post. You have got to see her bundle of joy. He is soooo CUTE!  Crystal is a digital scrapbooker who creates digi templates based after her own personal pages.

erin Erin Stewart - My real life scrapbooking friend. I have met so many fabulous friends through scrapbooking, but it is so neat to have someone to talk to face to face about this hobby we adore. I have known Erin her whole life as we have always attended church together. She has served on multiple design teams including American Crafts and Project Life for Becky Higgins. She is super talented and I am so happy she is joining in on this tour…

lynn Lynn Grieveson - Lynn lives in Wellington, New Zealand with DH and two daughters (one 20 and the other 12) and has been a designer at Designer Digitals for over 8 years.  She also works as a political reporter and editor, but spends much of her time scrapping and doing family history research.  It has been such a joy to work with Lynn at Designer Digitals. She is such a sweet heart and her digital designs are gorgeous!

carol Carol Gilmour - Carol is my team mate at Designer Digitals. She is an inspiration to me in a number of ways. Her scrapbooking is incredible! She is also a runner! She lives in Country Victoria, married to a wonderful man for 10 years, 4 beautiful stepchildren, one grandbaby, two gorgeous dogs and a cat who rules the roost.

Ashley Horton - So glad you joined in the Blog Tour, Amy! Your layouts are so amazing! Live seeing what you create!!

Carol - Oh Lordy Lord, everyone has got good hair except me!!! bwah ha ha ha ha, but that’s the way I roll. Loved reading this Amy. Love you XX

Carol - There you go Amy, it’s Friday in this part of the world right now, all done!

Pinterest Inspired Scrapbooking

pin inspired web

As I sat down to start up a new page today, I first checked my Instagram account and saw a post by Ashley Calder. Her post sparked my attention so I checked her website. I have visited her website before when she participated in the scrappy blog tour going on. (which, by the way, I will be playing along on my site this Friday) Ashley’s post was about a challenge and a chance to win things. I read further and discovered that the challenge is one that I am always meaning to do anyway. Scrap a page inspired by a pin. I have mountains of inspiration just waiting for me on my Pinterest boards so I knew I’d take the challenge!  …and If I happen to win the prize I’ll be happier than a bird with a french fry (another pinteresty quote I’ve had tucked away for several years now):)  August has been insane like I am sure it has been for you, so I am running behind in my monthly page requirement at Designer Digitals.  This challenge was a great way to get me scrapping and I may go back to my boards to get inspiration for the other pages I’ll make this month.  Check out these 2 places to find out more about this Pinterest Inspired Scrapbooking…

Ashley Calder - http://www.thingsthatshine.com/2014/08/scrap-your-scraps-guest.html

Scrap Your Scraps - http://scrapyourscraps.blogspot.ca/2014/08/small-business-spotlight-things-that.html

…and here is a closer look at my Pinspiration Piece and my layout.


happiness caden web

My page was created with supplies from Designer Digitals- (full credit list to come)

Carol - Far out Amy, I think this is the most intricate incredible page I’ve ever seen you do. Woah!

Isbaha - Love the rainbow colors and the design ! Beautiful layout.

Baby’s First Year – Monthly Recaps – Monthly Onesies

Our Betty May is already 8 months! I have been making monthly update pages for her baby book. This project only took a few minutes each month. I can’t believe I only have  4 more to make. I did not get any monthly onesies made while I was expecting so I just created them digitally. It worked out just fine. I love seeing how she has changed each month. Right now, her scrapbook pages and baby Project Life are all over the place. I am happy to at least have these updates. I have so many projects going on involving this precious bundle – there is no telling what I’ll actually end up displaying at her 1st birthday party. I will definitely have an album with these month by month recaps!

monthly updates 1-8 web

…and here they are up close ( so the journaling can be read)

1 mo insta2 mo web3 mo web final4 mo web5 mo web6 mo web7 mo web8 mo web

Some of my favorite supplies used on these pages (available at Designer Digitals)…










I haven’t officially introduced our precious baby girl on my site. I didn’t blog during her infancy b/c I didn’t want to miss one ounce of her newborn sweetness! {not to mention I was homeschooling 3 boys} – but now that summer is here, I can return to blogging. What better way to begin than introducing our Betty May Maria Mallory…

My Precious Baby Girl from Joe Mallory on Vimeo.

This video was a gift from my amazing husband. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter gift. Thank you, Joe!

Carol - Amy, I just watched this again, how lucky you all are to have this video. It’s simply wonderful. I bet Betty May watches it time and time again throughout her life.